Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ballerina Portrait Event - Kansas City Children's Portraits

I'm thrilled to show you these portraits I took as examples of what I have planned for this year's fall ballerina portrait event.

I am styling this year's portraits around this stunning backdrop, loaned to me by a wonderful photographer, Kimberly Hill of Bliss. I have many costumes available for your daughter to wear, and our parent volunteers will pamper her with a beautiful hair do, a subtle make-over with lip gloss and a touch of blush (all optional!), and then help her slip into costume - transforming her into a prima ballerina. Once her session is over, she will leave with a few special little treats, as well.

If you aren't into tutus and tiaras, bring an outfit for your child to wear - dresses in pink, white and/or ivory would also look beautiful on this backdrop. Plus, if you prefer a fashion session, we can do that as well - I am also offering an alternative, modern paper backdrop in tan for those of you not interested in roses.

Session fees and print prices are discounted for these limited edition Center Stage sessions - contact me for details. Scheduling officially begins Monday, Aug. 31, although we've already filled several appointment times.

SESSION DATES: Sunday, Sept. 27; Friday, Oct. 2; Sunday, Oct. 4
PLACE: Center Stage Studio, located in the Academy of the Arts building, 5413 Martindale, Shawnee.

P.S. I've even bought a new settee for this event - isn't it lovely?
Alternative, "fashion" styling on tan paper for those of you wanting something different this year (and yes, the fashion sessions can have blowing hair, just like a model!):

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moms Are Special - Kansas City Family Portraits

I wanted to share this image from last week. It was part of a large family portrait session that was done under very emotional circumstances. At the end of the session, I took a few different smaller groupings, including this beautiful image of this mom and children. I just love it and would love to have a similar portrait of me and my kids one day.

Thank you Rachel, and family, for trusting me to photograph your family under these circumstances. I'm thinking of you, and your mom.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ashlynn-Mill Valley High School-Kansas City Senior Portraits

I love shooting senior portraits, and so it was my lucky, lucky day when Ashlynn chose me for her senior portrait session. Isn't she just beautiful? I've asked her to be my senior portrait representative at Mill Valley High School in Shawnee - so Mill Valley seniors - contact Ashlynn if you are interested in Center Stage senior portraits. She will soon have some information to give you.

I'm actually running a special on my senior portrait sessions this year - $90 session fee; and $500 yous get digital files from your session and a proof book. Contact me for more complete details, restrictions, etc.

*By the way - you can click on the images to see them better.

Thanks for choosing me, Ashlynn!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Experimenting with Light - Kansas City Portrait Photographer

So, you all recognize this young woman - Gwen is one of my favorite people to photograph. She's sweet, fun, beautiful and talented (and I'm leaving out some adjectives just so my gushing doesn't get embarrassing).

I have wanted to use studio light outdoors for a while now. What's called "OCF" (off camera flash) is very popular in the portrait photography world right now. While no self-respecting portrait photographer uses "on camera flash" - that is, the camera's built-in flash, for portraits, the use of a flash unit (be it a small portable one or a large studio light) outdoors can create a whole new look, and also make night-time portraiture possible.

So, I grabbed Gwen, and off we went to some land just north of my studio door, and I gave it a try (using a long extension cord to plug in my light). How cool is this? I can't wait to try this again (and will do so at my parents' farm this weekend - if my kids will cooperate...if not, my parents, sister and husband may be forced to be my models. Watch my blog for an update on that - lol!)

I have one more to post - my own favorite - that has some very different qualities - I'll do that once my hosting site is back online.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

9th Birthday Session - Kansas City Portraits Photographer

Happy 9th birthday, sweetie! I enjoyed hanging out with you in the park - not once, but twice =)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Second Time's the Charm - Kansas City Baby Photographer

I was to have photographed this baby back in June, but heavy rain that day ruined our plans for an outdoor session. She and her family live in St. Joseph so we were not able make up the session until last week. Rain was threatening again but thank goodness we didn't get wet (although I do admit to getting a few mosquito bites - gotta start remembering that bug spray!). Isn't she a little beauty? She was so curious!

Thanks Lindsey! It's always great to see you!