Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Madness - The Final Eight!

OK, so we have our own little version of March Madness going on here on the Center Stage Photography blog. But substitute ballerinas for basketballs! Who will come out on top? We'll find out in a week! Here's the last poll from my Aspire ballerinas. This poll has slightly different voting restrictions, just to keep things as fair as possible, as I know some people go a bit crazy racking up the votes :) - one vote per IP address this time.

Vote for your favorite ballerina portrait - the lucky little winner gets the sweetest gift - a tiny little set of Moo cards. They are soooo cute, and very fun to hand out to friends and family, or to hand out at birthday parties, etc. (Only ordered portraits get printed on the Moos).

Thanks to the hundreds - perhaps thousands - of you who have visited my blog over the last month - it's been fun hosting the contest for you.

By the way - April is starting to get booked. Outdoor portraits during this time are especially popular, as it's so beautiful when the trees are blooming. If you want an outdoor session in April, please contact me soon to ensure you get an appointment. I am also taking May appointments at this time.

OK - on with the voting!
Sorry about how hard the poll results are to read! I didn't realize it would be that way. But I'm afraid to change it now for fear it will reset the poll.... so I guess we'll just live with it.