Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wonderful new family

Meggan and Ryan brought their precious, 12-day-old baby girl for portraits today in my Shawnee studio. They reminded me of my husband and I, 10 years ago, when we first became parents. Excited, proud, in love, and just a tiny bit unsure about their new roles in life. The session lasted three hours - as my newborn sessions tend to last... we make time for feedings; time to quiet the baby, time to clean up the inevitable pee and poop... but the investment of time always pays off. Here's four proofs for you to enjoy while you await your gallery. If they look pixelated, simply click on them to see them better. I am so happy to have been able to work with you today!Look! She's winking at us! Awww~!

First birthday in the park

I've been looking forward to this session for several weeks now - animated little H, outside, for her birthday portraits. I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to document this special birthday - her very first. I wish I could post her whole session just so you could see all of the funny faces she makes!

Thanks Sibyl and Christian, for making the drive to Johnson County today for your baby girl's portrait session. It was so nice to see you all again.

BTW - I photographed H at the same locations as Gwen below - and used the same chair! This time is was the baby's dad who got the pleasure of carrying it around for me.