Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beauty of Dance - Julie

I continued my work today with professional dancers. This time it was Julie's turn in front of my camera. Julie has taught my daughter ballet for many years now, and is such an excellent teacher and a beautiful dancer as well. The only disappointment is that I haven't gottten to work on her session yet as my laptop's monitor stopped working just after I finished this one portrait. The monitor is being fixed - and I may get to work on a different computer later this evening. But I really wanted to share the only one I have ready to show - as it's a beauty! Doesn't Julie's *dark* hair (not black, right Julie? =) ) look great with the ruby tones of my backdrop and drape?

I'll post more when I can! Thank you, Julie! It truly was a pleasure!

By the way - I think these dancer sessions are a wonderful way for competitive dancers (teens); as well as adult professional dancers to document their love for this amazing art form. If you are interested in your own session, please contact me. I have special pricing and collections for dancers.

Late Tuesday update: