Monday, September 7, 2009

The Beauty of Dance - Stephanie

I've wanted to photograph Stephanie, now studying dance in New York, ever since she was one of my daughter's dance teachers. She was on a little break in Kansas from her bi-coastal life last week and so I finally got a chance to put her in front of the camera. She brought along a friend (who I have photographed many times) and we had a good time in the studio. Besides dance portraits, we had fun with headshots, and other things, too. Stephanie - I'll have your gallery ready soon!

This first one below is my favorite of her. It's not my traditional dance portrait, but I love it. I've always thought that Stephanie is very cerebral about dance. When she taught her classes, I could see her thinking - this portrait shows that side of her, I think. (click on it to see it better).

Fun with Marky!
I love this headshot of Stephanie - she looks like she's ready for Hollywood, doesn't she?

And my favorite headshot of Marky! I love showing women how beautiful they are!