Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Beauty of Dance - Kacico Dance company

I have no business working on these portraits as I've got several sessions ahead of them... but I couldn't help myself - I allowed myself to edit a few group portraits and decided to post some tonight. I had an amazing opportunity today - I photographed the beautiful women of the Kacico Dance company - a contemporary dance company here in town. Each of these women are just amazing - strong, beautiful, passionate, graceful. I can't believe I get to do things like this. I loved it so much I am already thinking of a spring session outdoors.

(if the portrait looks unclear on your monitor, just click on it to see it better).

Kacico begins its fall performance series this week - you really need to go to one (or more) of their performances. I hope to go next weekend myself. Check out their schedule and ticket info on their web site: Kacico Dance

Ladies! I had so much fun with you all. Check back over the next few days to see some individual portraits.