Monday, December 31, 2007

Photographing a Photographer

Yesterday I photographed a local photographer and friend to document her pregnancy. I'm honored that Kim chose me to create custom portraits of this special time in her life. We had a great time collaborating to create maternity portraits. She came with many ideas of poses to try - I added in my own knowledge of studio light and I think the results are beautiful!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A beautiful partnership

Many of you may not know that while I'm the public face of Center Stage Photography, I actually have a business parter. Her name is Tonya Ebner and she handles the accounting for Center Stage; she also owns the Academy of the Arts, the dance studio where the portrait studio is located. I couldn't do it with out her -- she was the one who nudged me into starting on this adventure with her just a year ago. It's been an amazing year for us - 2007 brought more success than we ever imagined.

For Tonya's birthday... 6 months ago ... I promised her a portrait session, and because we've both been so busy, we just found the time for it yesterday. I think it was worth the wait! Here's some portraits to look at, Tonya, while I work on the rest of your session (yes, even my business partner has to wait to see her portraits!). Enjoy! I can't wait to find out which ones are your favorites (and which ones you want on your portrait bag!)

Family Ties

My friend, Leslie, asked me to create portraits for her, and her brother and sister, and their families, who were all together for the holidays. Her siblings don't live here, and so it was a rare chance for portraits of the extended family. The portrait session was a memorable experience for many reasons - and I'm honored that Leslie and her family trusted me with their portraits. Here's a sneak peek for you all - one of the siblings and then one of Leslie's aunt and uncle, who came along. Your portraits will be ready in about a week.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Precious and How Loved

The words on his blue blankie say, "How Precious and How Loved," and it's obviously true. This 6-week-old was in my studio yesterday evening for portraits - one of my Baby's First Year babies. Mom loves portraits, so I know I will be seeing the baby and his "big" sister many times over the next year. It's great to have you on board with Center Stage Photography, Amy. I look forward to our ordering session.

Enjoy your sneak peak - your gallery will be ready in a few days.

(click on the portrait to see it better).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Backdrop Love

As a mainly studio photographer, I love backdrops. They play a very important part in making a beautiful portrait. And because I want to provide you with beautiful portraits, I'm very picky about backdrops. I prefer dark backdrops, and I love ones with "hotspots" - that is, a lighter area in the center that creates drama and makes for a a classic looking portrait.

Recently I purchased a new hand-painted backdrop that is very newly introduced, so I am among the first to have it. I can't wait to photograph you, my clients, on it. It will look beautiful for family portraits, baby portraits, ballerina portraits -- even senior portraits! So, introducing "Brown Sugar." Isn't it beautiful? (Thanks goes to my kids, who helped me to test it today).
It looks good in black and white, too!

And, for my many little (and some not so little) dancers - isn't this a fun backdrop? I have wanted it for some time, and actually bought it a few months ago, but have been so busy with portrait sessions that I haven't had a chance to test it out. But here it is! Won't this make fun portraits?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My math was right

Back when Mary and Ryan came for maternity portraits a few weeks ago, I posted a simple equation: Cute Mom + Cute Dad = Cute Baby -- and I was right!

This evening I had the great fun of photographing their tiny baby boy. We've all really looked forward to this session, and were so disappointed when the weather on Monday caused us to have to postpone.

It's funny how people are connected; and how we discover these connections. It turns out that Mary and I have many connections:
- She is a good friend with a young woman from my hometown who has turned out to be one of my best clients (I already knew this one);
- She used to take a fitness class from one of my best clients (I knew this one, too, because the two of them ran into each other at my studio last time they were in);
- She was a student of one of my best clients at KU Medical Center;
- Her mom works with a good friend of mine in the math department at Johnson County Community College! If it weren't for the baby needing several nursing breaks during our session, we would never have discovered two of our connections.

Well - I know you are dying to see them, Mary - so here's your sneak peak! Choosing was so hard and I know that once I post this I will change my mind about which ones I should have chosen - but no matter what, I know you are out there reading this and enjoying my choices. Hello to all your friends who are my clients as well - I think some of you need to be making your baby plan appointments soon! :)
(Remember that you can click on an image to see it more clearly).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Web site!

I am so excited to announce a new Web site for Center Stage Photography. This new web site is so beautiful and showcases my work so well. I hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think! Our domain name has not changed -- so you can find our new site at

The old Smugmug site is still there. We will continue to use it for selling recital portraits, dance performance photos, and to show off our custom products, such as Christmas cards, baby announcements, portrait bags, etc.

To all my ballerina portrait clients and recent private session clients - your proofs are still on the Smugmug site -

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dr. Mom Part IV.... and make that Dr. Dad, too!

Julia and John came tonight for maternity portraits. Julia is the fourth pregnant doctor I have photographed in the last three months - all young, beautiful and nice as can be. Dad-to-be John is a doctor, too - makes scheduling appointments a bit difficult, but it always works out. I had a lot of fun this evening! Here's a few portraits to look at while you wait for me to get your gallery online - I know you are eager to see them (and hello to Mary and Katie, who I know will be reading this, too! - See you next week, Mary!).

As always if a portrait looks pixilated, just click on it - Blogger does odd things to pictures.