Friday, November 2, 2007

Ballerina Portrait Contest - Semifinal #4

Please vote in Semifinal #4! Vote for your favorite portrait. The winner will move on the final round and vie for a set of these super cute little cards called "Moo Cards." You can see the here: I have some in my purse and love showing my kids off by pulling out these tiny little cards with their portraits printed on them - bad thing is that my mom has stolen some of mine! She loves them, too. Luckily my sister ordered her own cards :). If you see me around, ask me to see mine! I adore them, and plan to get several family members their own set for Christmas (shhh!)

This poll closes in one week. There will be one more semi-final next week - and then on to the finals!

(remember - if a portrait does not look clear, you can click on it to see it better)

Two things to note:

Those of you planning to order holiday cards with your portraits on them must do so ASAP. In fact, all custom products should be ordered by Nov. 14.
I have been hearing from some people that they are disappointed that they did not sign up for this ballerina portrait event. If you missed out and regret it, you may still schedule a private appointment with me. I can create these portraits for you any time in my studio (minus the hair styling and make-up -- but costumes are always available). You can use my special "Birthday Club" mini-session pricing for these - through Dec. 31 only. See my Web site or contact me for details.

EDITED on Nov. 9 -- WOW - what a contest! #4 held on to win this round, and will move on to the finals next week. Thanks everyone for voting!