Friday, October 19, 2007

Ballerina Portrait Contest - Semifinal #2

Here is the second round of our fun little contest. Vote on your favorite portrait - the winner will move on to our final contest and have a chance to win a set of Moo cards from Center Stage Photography! I get to choose the portraits to be included on the Moo cards. Have fun voting! (See the Oct. 12 blog entry for more information. Also, if a portrait does not look clear, please click on it to see it better.)

All ballerina sessions are now edited and online!
Remember that you have until Oct. 31 to place your order
at the Early Bird Special prices.
All portraits from this event will stay online through Dec. 31.

By the way - some of you have asked about holiday cards. We have 30 designs for choose from, from Victorian to modern. You can stop by the studio to see copies of each one; or soon we will have a gallery on our web site where you can see each design. Prices are the same as for our holiday card mini-session portrait event -- you can see pricing in our Sept. 14 blog entry.

EDITED ON OCT. 26 - Portrait #6 won this round, and will move on to the final. Congratulations!