Monday, September 8, 2008

The outdoor season has begun

I had the pleasure of photography Katy and Brian and their sweet daughters yesterday. After months of mostly studio sessions it was so nice to get outside again and stretch my creativity and photography. The girls were so easy to work with, and wanted to know all about my own children, which I think is so cute. Look for many more outdoor photography from me in the next couple of months.

Katie - your proofs will be ready soon. Until then, enjoy!

I love "my" babies

This is just so fun for me! Seriously! Just seeing these babies coming back for portraits -- I got to know them as teeny tiny newborns and that is probably how I shall always think of them. But then they come to my studio and they look nothing like they do in my mental image and that is just so disorienting!

Christina and Jason brought Baby B back for portraits yesterday - I just have to show a before and after. Remember this sweet baby (and handsome daddy, too?)

Well, now look at him! He's already 16 pounds at 3 months old. What a chunky monkey! And I finally got to see his eyes =)

Thanks Christina and Jason!