Monday, November 10, 2008


As many of you know, this photographic journey of mine started not so long ago. I'm still getting used to this new me - the photographer, not the writer or editor. One thing I loved about writing was being able to tell people's stories. To honor their lives. To say something about humankind. I'm finding, of course, that this new career of mine has put me on a different yet very similar path.

Many photographers talk about an intimacy with their camera. They talk feeling as if it is an extension of themselves. I'm not there yet. Sometimes I still feel like I don't fully understand the piece of metal and plastic in my hand. But I do appreciate my camera, because it gives me something special - an intimacy with the people I photograph - the ability to do something special for people; to tell the story of their lives.

Tonight I was able to document the love between a remarkable daughter and her remarkable mother. What a beautiful way to spend an evening. I am so honored to be able to help tell the story of their private journey.

Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing this evening with me.