Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was tagged by fellow photographer, Melissa Mullinax, who does beautiful work in southeast Kansas.
“7 Things About Me”
The rules:
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1. My personal motto, which I've had for many years is, "It's not a party unless there's little pieces of cheese!" So... word to the wise... if you ever invite me to a party, get that cheese ready! Special recognition goes to my friend and client Michelle Thomas, who had an excellent cheese dish at her birthday party last winter.
2. My twin sister and I were born in Okinawa. Dad was in the Army and stationed there as an air traffic controller - our mom went with him. My sister and I were 10 months old when mom returned home to the farm in Kansas, bringing us with her but leaving Dad in Okinawa for a few more months.
3. I used to hold the junior high girls' high jump record in my school district (maybe I still do... I have no idea!)
4. I have a degree in magazine journalism from the University of Kansas, but have never worked for a magazine.
5. Twice in my life I've broken my dad's favorite coffee cup - once, oddly, just minutes after reminiscing about having broken his favorite coffee cup!
6. I lost my marriage license the night we were married and it was found a couple of weeks later on the lawn of the Iola, Kan., funeral home.
7. I once talked my way out of a speeding ticket and then went and bought myself an expensive purse equal in value to what the ticket would have cost me, because I felt I had earned it.
*Thanks to my twin sister who helped me compile this list, and NOT to my mom, who wanted every random item to be about her! LOL (You know I love you, Mommy, especially because you make great tutus, the best peach pie in the world and you serve me wonderful pot roast when I'm editing portraits like a mad woman).

OK... I tag: Merav, Kim, Becky, Lori L, Andrea, Tara, and Jen