Monday, February 18, 2008

Portraits are for teens, too!

This girl turned 13 this past weekend, and to commemorate her daughter's entrance into teenhood, Angela made an appointment for "R" to have a portrait session at my studio. Working with a teenager is so much fun, and I am positive that R had a great time, too. Thirteen is such an interesting age - as the Britney Spears song says, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman" and R is definitely in that middle ground. In the proofs I've looked at so far, in some portraits there's a girlie sweetness; and in others I can see that a more mature beauty is starting to emerge.

I hope these inspire you out there with teenagers to get their portraits done! I think R proves that portraits aren't just for babies, or small children, or seniors in high school. Thirteen is a perfect age for portraits. Thank you, Angela, for seeing it my way!

(Remember you can click on an image to see it more clearly).

This is why I love what I do!

I received the most amazing email last night - one of my Aspire ballerina portrait clients. This right here is why I love what I do. Jennifer K. wrote:
"I am in love with my children all over again looking at the beautiful pictures."

I remember Jennifer's little girl, walking into the dance rooom where all 30 or so tutus were hanging from the barre. The look on her face was sweet enough, but then she turned to her mom and said, in awe: "Mommy! It's just like in the movies!" Awwwww!

Thank you so much for writing, Jennifer. Your email truly touched me, and it reminds me why I love being a portrait photograper. I am looking foward to our ordering session next week.