Saturday, December 15, 2007

Backdrop Love

As a mainly studio photographer, I love backdrops. They play a very important part in making a beautiful portrait. And because I want to provide you with beautiful portraits, I'm very picky about backdrops. I prefer dark backdrops, and I love ones with "hotspots" - that is, a lighter area in the center that creates drama and makes for a a classic looking portrait.

Recently I purchased a new hand-painted backdrop that is very newly introduced, so I am among the first to have it. I can't wait to photograph you, my clients, on it. It will look beautiful for family portraits, baby portraits, ballerina portraits -- even senior portraits! So, introducing "Brown Sugar." Isn't it beautiful? (Thanks goes to my kids, who helped me to test it today).
It looks good in black and white, too!

And, for my many little (and some not so little) dancers - isn't this a fun backdrop? I have wanted it for some time, and actually bought it a few months ago, but have been so busy with portrait sessions that I haven't had a chance to test it out. But here it is! Won't this make fun portraits?