Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ballerina Portrait Event - South JoCo Style!

The next ballerina portrait mini-session event is about to happen at the Aspire! dance center in south Overland Park - the weekend of Feb. 2-3. The event is a fund-raiser for the studio's competitive dance team, so the team moms who help with the event will get the session fees. They are busy scheduling appointments, and from what I hear, the sessions are about to sell out. But if you act quickly, you might be able to grab one of those few remaining sessions. To find out what sessions are left, call the Aspire studio at (913) 851-2020 in the evenings. You will need to go to the Aspire studio to pay for your session fee and register -- you can get directions from Aspire's receptionist (it's near 135th and Antioch).

As the mom of a dancer, and as the owner of a custom portrait studio located inside a dance studio, I'm eager to support dancers, and these ballerina portrait mini-session events are a great way for me to do that.

If the sessions are sold out when you call, you can of course contact me for a private session at my Shawnee studio. My ballerina portraits are creating a bit of buzz here in Johnson County - if you haven't seen my ballerina portraits, go to my Web site, click on Galleries, and then click on Ballerinas. A mom who has an appointment at the Aspire event told me that once you see my ballerina gallery, you are hooked!

I mean, really, how can you deny
the power of the tutu? =)