Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another little angel

Another little angel has graced my studio this week - this time a baby boy - almost 3 weeks old but still very tiny. He was so calm during his session - probably the most calm awake baby I've photographed. His mom and dad, Tessa and Jason, say that's just the way the little guy is! Lucky them - unless of course he's saving it all up for later =D

I'm not much of a prop photographer when it comes to baby portraits (no big flower pots for me, but Anne Geddes sure does them well), but mom asked about wings and I do happen to have a pair donated to me by a client - so on went the wings, and the result is pure magic!

Here's a preview - enjoy!
I love the symbolism of this last portrait - the idea that his baby's parents will support him through his whole life. And besides that, I also love his little round tummy and the way his feet are "praying"!