Friday, November 16, 2007

She wasn't having any of it!

The tiniest girl in this portrait really, really dislikes being in my studio. Can you tell? Even though these are not traditional portraits, I think they are cute enough to share. Big Sister loves having me photograph her - maybe one day Little Sister will, too! Until then, they can amuse us with portraits like these! (click on a portrait to see it bigger/more clear).

Hmmm. Maybe this one will do? =)

The Finals! Vote for your favorite ballerina portrait!

Here it is! The final round!
All of these portraits won their preliminary round of my "vote for your favorite ballerina portrait" blog contest. The winner will get a set of Moo cards! These are the cutest things - everyone who sees mine wants some of their own. (Please note that only those portraits that you have ordered will be on your cards).

So, here they are - the winners of the preliminary rounds. Have fun voting! The contest will end in one week.
(remember - if an image does not look clear, simply click on it to see it better)

By the way - there's still time to order Christmas cards. Please send me email for information or stop by the studio Monday-Wednesday evenings.

EDITED Nov. 23 - We have a winner! Congratulations to ballerina #5 for winning the Favorite Ballerina Portrait contest! A set of mini Moo cards will be coming your way! Thanks for everyone who voted!