Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Design Aglow E-Zine mention

I am thrilled to tell you that my work was recently featured in the Design Aglow e-zine "Success Issue." Design Aglow is a very chic magazine for photographers full of inspiration and ideas and advice. The latest issue contains a feature about how important it is, in a world seemingly filled with photographers, to develop a recognizable and individual style to achieve success.

The article's writer, Andrea Joki, an American living in Finland and an amazingly talented photographer, chose me as one of the featured photographers in her article, "The Success Advantage: Style."

She writes: In contrast to the current trend for bright, high key studio portraiture, Kansas photographer Lori Wood Habiger, owner of Center Stage Photography, found a different path when developing her style. Using a rich combination of low key compositions and unusually arranged lighting, Lori created a very distinct look that keeps her customers returning for her artistic eye. She describes her work, "I like to think that my work is dramatic and emotional; traditional with a bit of a modern element. I love shadows and how they compliment the human form and face; and how the dark and the light emphasize the emotion of the moment."

This portrait of beautiful Christina Lehman was one of two of my portraits used for the article. By the way - high-key means the overall tones in the image are very light; low-key means the overall tones in the portrait are dark, and typically a lot of shadowing is used.

The other portrait is of a lovely teenaged Overland Park dancer named Lauren - the daughter of a photographer, which I just love! This portrait was taken at a mini-session event at a South Overland Park dance studio. Andrea Joki herself chose these portraits from among my body of work as ones she finds to be illustrative of my very unique style of portraiture.