Sunday, February 22, 2009

5-days old and oh so cuddley

I had the best day today - I photographed the most beautiful children (and some lovely moms as well!) - and the images I'm seeing are so amazing. I cannot wait to show you. But they will have to wait as I have to first show you Amber and John's little bundle of sweetness, whose visit to my studio this evening was the perfect ending to a wonderful day at work. Amber's mom remarked about what a great job I have - and I have to agree with her!

Because of this remarkable job, I got to cuddle with this tiny, 5-day-old baby boy, and to witness the joy that he's brought his mom and dad. They are such a special family to me!

Amber - I am so grateful that you found me and trust me time and again to photograph you and your family. Here are a few for you to enjoy while I get your gallery ready. Talk to you soon!