Friday, October 12, 2007

Ballerina Portrait Contest - Semifinal #1

Our ballerina portrait mini-session event was a huge success this year - so much so that I'm still editing portraits for some of my last sessions. I photographed almost 60 kids - nearly all girls, over three days in late September and early October.

We thought it would be fun to have a bit of a contest. We will have several preliminary contests, and the winner of each will then move to the final contest. Once we have a final winner, the subject of the portrait will win a free set of Moo cards printed with portraits from their session (I get to choose the portraits to include). If you haven't seen these darling little cards, check out Everyone who sees them goes crazy over them -- I carry some in my purse of my own kids to show off. A modern little brag book, I guess!

Posted below are the first six portraits in the contest (I'm going in order of when the session happened). Vote for your favorite portrait. This is not a cute kid contest - I happen to think that every child I photographed for this event is equally beautiful :) . Get your friends and family to vote! This poll will close in one week. I will annouce the winner at that point and post the next preliminary poll.

EDITED ON FRIDAY, OCT. 19 -- Portrait #2 won with 37 votes. #3 had 36 votes. Since it was so close, both will move on to the final contest.

Have fun!

Portrait #1

Portrait #2

Portrait #3

Portrait #4

Portrait #5

Portrait #6(click the photo to see it full size)
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