Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday's Girls - Kansas City Portraits

Here's a preview for all of the families who came to the Oct. 4 portrait day at the Center Stage Studio. I saw a lot of traditional ballerinas, and then some not-so-ballerinas - all beautiful!

I did want to say that I'm so happy that so many of you brought your tweens. So many people, it seems, have portraits done of their small children, but once the kids turn 6 or so, they stop having them photographed regularly. But look at the many tween beauties I've photographed over the last couple of weeks. They absolutely love having their portraits done - much more so than the 2-year-olds - and look at them! Their beauty deserves to be photographed as well, and their personalities really shine.

Your galleries should be online by Monday. Until then, enjoy!