Monday, May 12, 2008

4 Weeks Old and So Alert!

Baby E. is already an old lady of 4 weeks. I'm used to photographing newborn babies who are about 6-10 days old. You wouldn't think that three weeks would make such a difference in a human being, but it sure does! Even though she's the size of some newborns, she made faces and eye contact with her parents. It was a quite a treat to work with this sweet little thing this evening - even if she would not fall asleep! Look at how wide awake she was! I hope this means she sleeps well tonight, Patricia and Rudy.

I enjoyed the session -- thanks for choosing me to photograph your precious baby girl.

Actually, the baby had a 2 minute nap - and look at her! She was smiling in her sleep. Isn't she the most precious thing?