Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fire and Ice - Kansas City Portrait Photograher

I photographed this little beauty a couple of days ago. She had been sick for her "ballerina portrait" session the week prior so her mom brought her in to the studio for her make-up session and we had a great time. I even convinced her mom to let me work on a different backdrop for some, and I know she will love what she sees :)
I like to think of these as the "fire and ice" portraits. I'm sure you can figure out why. But when she came in, I told her, with her blond hair and blue eyes she reminded me of an "ice princess" but later, when she was in the fall colored tutu and in front of the warm backdrop, there was nothing cold about it!

Thanks, Jill, for bringing her in and for loving my work - I appreciate that so much!