Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Little Miss Smiley gets serious

I have photographed this little gal many times, and love her so much. It helps, of course, that she looks very much like my own daughter. She smiles -- a lot! But I happened to catch her in a more serious moment. Such a beauty - smiley or serious.

Enjoy, Shelly - you will have your proofs shortly.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Grandpa Carl's Truck

Growing up, I always loved my Grandpa's old white truck. The smell of it. The way the side-view mirrors were designed. The steering wheel. What I loved the most was riding in the bed of the truck with my twin sister as my Grandpa drove it around the farm (obviously this was in the years before car seats and seatbelt usage!)

My grandfather has been gone for too many years now, but his truck is parked in the barn yard. Yesterday it made the neatest prop ever for a 1-year-old portrait. Somewhere I think Grandpa Carl is smiling.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great Expectations

Katie came today for maternity portraits, and just confirmed that there really is something to that old "pregnant glow" thing. Katie -- best wishes for a safe delivery, and I'll see you in a few weeks for your newborn portraits!

.... And I think maybe expectant dads glow, too!

Patience pays off

Jessica brought her family today for portraits. Included in that family is a 2-year-old. That is a really tough age for studio portraits. I remember when we took our own son to a studio for his 2-year portraits. There were so many tears, cajoling, pleading (and that was just on the part of the photographer! LOL). My husband and I swore off portraits for a while after escaping that studio at the end of the session.

Just like my own son, Jessica's little boy really wasn't thrilled with having his portraits taken. But Jessica and I talked about how it only takes one -- one portrait in which everyone is looking at the camera and looking happy -- to make the session worthwhile. I think we've got a few she will be happy with. It just takes patience. Thank you for trusting me with your family portraits!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sweet sweet baby

This little man is only seven days old -- but weighs nearly 10 pounds! Still, he was so sweet, and cuddly and small. His mom saw her brother's recent family portraits and liked what she saw -- so booked an appointment for her new baby boy. Thank you, Diane, for choosing Center Stage Photography to create custom portraits of your tiny little man.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Angel Face

This (almost) 2-year-old I photographed tonight truly has the face of an angel. But boy did she give me a work-out! Getting her portraits taken was not in her plans. Still, I managed to capture her beauty. Her mom, aunt and grandma came along for the session. They like close-ups (and who wouldn't like close ups of that little cherubic face?) So I think they will enjoy this little sneak peak.

And really, who could resist this? Curls and tutus go so well together =)