Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fresh Baked Mama!

I've recently started working with a darling little maternity boutique in Lenexa called About Nine Months. Yesterday I photographed owner Jenea Schmidt's new line of shirts, a brand she's named "Fresh Baked Mama," which I think it such a great name! The model is store employee Jessica Birdsong.

I'm very excited to tell you that starting next week you can visit the boutique to see some of my work - I will be exhibiting a rotating collection of some of my favorite maternity portraits -- first up is Christina, Julia and Mary - so everyone go check them out at the About Nine Months store at 12012 W.87th St., just west of the 87th and Quivira intersection.

Jenea also sells some really beautiful cocktail dresses for those special occasions we all have from time to time - I photographed Jessica in one of my favorites last night - if I were pregnant again I would so buy this dress! Isn't Jessica a beauty?