Sunday, May 18, 2008


That's right. I wrote, "twins" - this stunning mom-to-be is 35 weeks pregnant with twins. Hard to believe! And no, these portraits did not take me hours or editing to remove stretch marks ... because she doesn't have any. OK, we can all hate her now. Seriously, Julie, I'm so happy to have been able to do these special portraits for you, and it was such fun working today with you and your mom. Wishing you a safe delivery and two healthy baby boys.

P.S. - be sure to send this link to your deployed husband - I'm sure he will love seeing your previews.

Look at my new settee! I just bought it this weekend and thanks to help from my Aunt Carol, we got it ready for today's session. Isn't it great? I can't wait to use it with my ballerinas (as long as they treat it very gently!), but doesn't Julie look beautiful on it?

My little celebrity is back!

You all love this little girl.
It seems that every single one of you who comes into my studio remarks about the portraits of her on my web site; and on my wall.
She's so beautiful; and always ... shall we say... a "challenge" to photograph. But we always manage to get nice portraits in the end (I say "we" because it's always very much a team effort)- today we used a Nutcracker doll that just happens to reside in my studio to get her attention and get her to finally giggle and have a good time. Of course, the promise of a baby doll after the session didn't hurt, either. Today was extra special, because her mom, Jennifer had gifted her own mom with a portrait session for Jennifer, her mom, her sister and of course little "A." I had such a nice time seeing them all again - they are totally in love with this little girl!

Here's a few previews for you - your proofs will be ready soon!

And I am happy to add to my grandparent portrait portfolio -- yes, this is the the grandma! My husband could hardly believe it. (click on the pictures to see them better).