Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Triple Blessing

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, it seemed appropriate to photograph this family, as it's clear the parents have a lot to be thankful for - their beautiful, silly, crazy little set of triplets. As a twin myself, I love photographing multiples. This set was my first triplets. They were rather wound up this evening - can you tell?

And as an aside - it seems like my studio has become the Beautiful Mom studio. I'm not kidding! Apparently word has gotten out in the Beautiful Mom newsletter that Center Stage Photography is the place to go.

Anyway - thank you, Jennifer, for choosing me to photograph your family - I had a great time - and no, the triplets weren't that bad! LOL Here's your sneak peak. Remember,if the portrait looks pixelated, just click on it. Blogger does weird things to pictures).

Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful blog readers and clients!