Sunday, November 11, 2007

I love faces!

Sure, environmental portraits are nice. But I love faces. Always have. Now that I'm a portrait photographer I love to get rid of all of the extraneous and focus on the face. Tonight I had some great faces to work with. Yes, Shelly, I have some portraits that are not this much face, but these are certainly among my favorites. Thanks for choosing me -- your proofs will be ready in about a week.

Loving those seniors!

I photographed another senior today - it's quite a difference to photograph a senior after a month of creating portraits of little people. Maranda didn't run away from me, refuse to smile, or scream during her session! Can you tell I spend a lot of time photographing the under 4 set? When I was in high school, we always had our senior portraits done in the late summer so that we could meet our yearbook deadlines. I'm quickly learning things have changed a lot since the... ahem... late '80s. Thanks for choosing Center Stage Photography for your senior portraits, Maranda! Here's a few for a sneak peak - it's always very difficult choosing but these three caught my eye. (click on the image to see it better)

Old Friends

Becky and I worked together longer ago than I care to calculate and have stayed friends despite distance and job changes. I've been wanting to photograph her family for a while now and today I got my chance. We used the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Gallery and it made for a great backdrop, despite the gray skies. Great seeing you all today!

(if you can't see the portrait clearly, click on it).